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You have the "WebTV Fritz"... You can't use Javascript right now.. and Javascript is required to submit this form. Hold down "Cmnd" (thats the key between "Cntrl" and "Alt" for Windows keyboard users) and press "R" three or four times until you can't hear the fritz.wav. I thought everyone knew about the WebTV bug that causes us to sometimes be unable to use Javascript and/or frames, but I have learned that many people don't. Usually if when a page is loading it shows "getting page" instead of a page title, you probably have what I call "The WebTV Fritz". If you have "The Fritz" Hold down "Cmnd" and press "R" several times... that should fix it.


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The FTP WorkStation is back up now, but I still haven't gotten the Multiple File mover up yet, I'm going to be putting in an improved version. I've made some changes on the Freeloaders.. I think the changes should help to alleviate some of the problems I've noticed lately. There is a 500K limit on the main Freeloaders now (300K was a typo). That should be plenty for just about everyone, and it will stop people from transferring those huge PC programs.

The Directory Accounts are ready. I am offering webspace where people can store files without worrying about having their files deleted because of remote linking. More and more homepagers are restricting remote linking... soon all of the homepagers will be doing it. Geo, Tripod,, Xoom, FortuneCity and many more are already doing it. If you don't want anyone telling you that you can't use your files any way you please, you may want to sign up. There is a fee for the Directory Account service. You can get information about it at or Everyone who signs up can upload files to their directory without the use of "transloaders".. and all subscribers will have unlimited use of my new version of the Directory Mover so they can move their files much faster, You can also transfer all your files from your WebTV PageBuilder. The files are uploaded directly to your account without the use of FTP.
Click here for Directory Account information

If you're having trouble using the Freeloader, Povertystricken from the WebTV Utility,and Bud from Web-user.nethave both written some excellent instructions for using the Freeloader. So check out Povertystricken's Freeloader Tutorial and Buds Freeloader Tutorial


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