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In the not too distant past

-I remember very well-

Grandma's tended to their knitting,

and their cookies were just swell.

They were always at the ready,

when you needed some advice.

And their sewing (I can tell you)

Was available -and nice.

Well, Grandma's not deserted you.

She dearly loves you still.

You just won't find her cooking,

even tho' you think you will.

She thinks about you daily

you haven't been forsook.

Your photos are quite handy,

in her Photopoint book.

She scans your art work now though,

and combines it with cool sounds,

to make electronic greetings.

She prints pictures by the pounds.

She's right there when you need her,

You really aren't alone.

She's out now with her "puter" pals,

but she took her new cell phone.

You can also leave a message

on her answering machine;

or page her at the fun meet.

She's been there since nine fifteen. 

Yes, the world's a very different place, 

there is no doubt of that. 

So"E" her from her web page, 

or join her in a chat. 

She's joined the electronic age, 

and it really seems to suit her.

So don't expect the same old gal,

cause Grandma's gone "Computer."

Author Unknown

            Grandma's on The Internet

Grandma's on the Internet

You won't believe the nuts she's met

But what she'd really like to know

Is- Where are those who quilt and sew

And do the things she likes to do? 

She'd give them hints, and learn some too. 

She used to be "scared" of a wee little mouse 

Would scream if one ever got in the house. 

Now she hugs one night and day 

She'd rather cuddle it than stay 

On the couch and watch t.v. 

Her first love now is her P.C.

She'd like to see it all unfurled

So much to learn in this new world.

She could explore it from her chair

But mostly, she plays solitaire

But that's O.K. she doesn't care

About the weather in Zaire. 

Windows were glass she'd wash and look through 

Now they are programs to help us all view 

The earth and the sea and the beautiful sky 

A virus was something from which you could die 

Now it's a nuisance that could spoil your day, 

But it can be fixed and sent on it's way. 

She served her time with diapers and dishes. 

Now she can do whatever she wishes 

And if that means staying up half the night 

To point arrows at icons-that's really all right. 

A bit was something you had little of. 

Now it takes eight bytes to make the above 

It's all so confusing, it makes her head ache. 

A byte was something you take from a cake. 

She's learning more about it now 

Her four year old grandchild showed her how!!!



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